Summer 2017
It’s thanks to you there are 263 clergy working in parishes around the Lichfield Diocese making a relevant connection between faith and community.  Without the money you give every week, this couldn't happen and there would be no support services for church aided schools, housing, training and administration staff to help parishes in all sorts of ways.
How much do you think it costs to run our two churches every month?
A. £3,350.00
B. £4,850.00
C. £6,350.00
Believe it or not
It costs £6,350 each month to run both churches!
How come?
Our Parish Share (contribution to the Lichfield Diocese) for the cost of having a full-time minister: £4,000
Minister’s expenses: £500
Parish Admin and Utilities: £1,500
Repairs/Maintenance: £350
Total each month: £6,350
But our income is only …
Monthly planned giving: £1,800
Other giving: £1,326
Tax recovered: £410
Fees: £764
Total each month: £4,300
Which leaves a shortfall of £2,050 every month.
So we have a problem
We do receive additional money from donations and fundraising and this year we are planning a Gift Day.
We have an on going desire to expand our mission work in Telford.  We have completed the infrastructure for Christ Church and now have a superb building, although snagging still needs to be done at a cost of £5,000.
We need to plan to invest in and maintain the church at Holy Trinity.
We need to set both our churches on a firm financial base, both now and for future generations.
What can we do?
We can all prayerfully review our level of giving.
The scriptures teach us the principle of proportionate     giving, that is a percentage, normally 10% of our income (after deducting tax and national insurance).
The Church encourages everyone to aim at a minimum of 5%, or 5p in every pound we receive.
How can we donate?
Use of weekly envelopes
Set up a weekly or monthly bank direct debit
Via the collection plate at services
Contact us
Speak to one of our Churchwardens or
Email:  or
Phone:         Dill Buchanan 01952 641679           
What should I do next?
1. Review your giving—can you increase it by 1p or 2p in the pound—or more?
2. Give regularly by bankers order so you are contributing to the weekly income whether you are able to attend church that week or not.  See Nick Frost or Dill Buchanan for more details about this.
3. If you are a tax-payer, Gift Aid your giving—let the church reclaim the tax, ie 25p for every pound given, at no extra cost to yourself.  Please see Dill Buchanan to complete a gift aid form.  We have recently claimed back £4,000 in tax so it is well worth doing.
Other ways to help
1. The PCC will be looking at ways of fund-raising so if you can lend your time and talents to these events, it would be most appreciated.
2. If you have ideas for future fund-raising, please share them with us or become part of our fund-raising group. (The Festival of the Voice over the summer has raised our profile in the community and beyond, as well as raising funds.)
To sum up: we need to do all we can to keep One Parish at the centre of worship and service in our community, so that we can ensure ends meet and put our church on a firm foundation for the future. 
The responsibility is ours.